Pizza, Sunshine, and Fresh Air: Check Out The Best Gas-Powered Pizza Oven for Picnic Combo!

What’s more enjoyable and delightful than bringing your family and friends together at a picnic? Well, add a superb menu for outdoor cooking, and you will have a perfect spring afternoon guaranteed! While you take charge of inviting your friends and family members to the picnic, let our gas-powered pizza oven make your outdoor cooking experience a memorable one. That’s right! You can now prepare and serve fresh, piping, and hot pizzas outdoors. Wonder how we make that possible? Let’s jump right into the content and find out, shall we?

What is a Gas-powered Pizza Oven?

Traditional pizza ovens had a strong link with wood as it was used as a fuel supply for baking pizzas. However, the worldwide quest is to use cleaner and more environment-friendly fuel supplies. Hence, the invention of gas-powered pizza ovens! These grill-top pizza ovens are surprisingly portable, easy to use, loaded with cutting-edge technology, incredibly safe, and offer high-performance cooking. In other words, cooking pizzas isn’t exhausting and time-intensive anymore! The pizza ovens use all three — conduction, radiation, and convection to churn out tasty and fragrant pizzas, even if you are new to cooking pizzas.

What Can a Gas-powered Pizza Oven Cook for Your Picnic?

A gas-powered pizza oven, as mentioned earlier, has a plethora of functions. Don’t just buy it for cooking pizzas! On your upcoming picnic, we recommend you use it for preparing all kinds of food and dishes. You can use the gas-powered pizza oven or replace it with a heavy-duty griddle to cook pizza, meat, vegetables, desserts, and more!

How to Use a Pizza Oven Outdoors Safely?

Indeed, modern-day outdoor pizza ovens are high-tech equipment that hardly catches fire. However, complacency isn’t recommended. A BBQ and pizza oven can catch fire due to a hot exterior, windy conditions, poor placement, or when the user leaves the oven unattended. So, how can you use pizza ovens safely? Here are a few safety tips we suggest you follow at all times while using an outdoor pizza oven —

  • Make sure the gas-powered pizza oven you buy has a heat-resistant body
  • Clean the grass or area you place the pizza oven over
  • Ensure there are no oil stains nearby
  • Place the pizza oven evenly and away from your property
  • There should be no flammable things near the oven
  • Always leave room for ventilation
  • Use insulated gloves when touching the pizza oven
  • Make sure the pizza oven is maintained and serviced properly
  • Switch off the gas when the oven is not in use

Go with the Most Functional and Flexible Pizza Oven Ever!

Your search for the perfect portable gas griddle and pizza oven ends here. We highly recommend you consider BakerStone’s Basic Portable Gas Pizza oven, which comes with a front oil-collecting box specially designed for outdoor events or picnics. Here’s what it has to offer —

  • Folding legs to enable portability, convenient storage, and handling
  • Enabling easy transformation from a pizza oven to a portable gas griddle so you just need to remove the Pizza Oven Box and replace it with Heavy Duty Griddle (included)
  • Cleaning the pizza oven is super simple as it has a front grease system
  • Exceptionally high cooking power with up to 20,000 BTU

Final Thoughts!

There you have it. It’s time you get yourself a high-quality pizza oven for your upcoming picnic or any outdoor event you have planned! However, we recommend you buy one from a brand that truly pioneers pizza oven design and engineering — BakerStone. The good people at BakerStone offer products that guarantee superior quality, more features, and better cooking performance! The wide range of pizza ovens and grilling tops will certainly make your picnic a successful one! Learn about BakerStone’s pizza ovens and order one for yourself today!

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