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About BakerStone

California 2012…Inspired by passion for food, family and friends, BakerStone was formed to bring innovative products to everyone’s backyard.

Pizza has long been a favorite food for people around the world but cooking it at home has always been an expensive and time-consuming task. Large wood-fired pizza ovens are expensive and take 4-6 hours to get to temperature.

Our thinking was that had to change. First step was understanding how wood-fired pizza ovens bake incredible pizzas so quickly…the transfer of very high temperatures to food through conductive, convective, and radiant heat. Next step was to emulate that function in a product that everyone could afford.

The BakerStone Patented 5-sided ceramic baking chamber was born!

The Brand strategy

Pretty much all the BakerStone Team have been involved in the outdoor cooking category for many years. One thing we all believe is the need for better products in the market…better quality, better cooking capabilities, and more functionality. That is the foundation of the BakerStone Brand and the core of all our product development. We ask ourselves everyday “how can we improve your everyday backyard cooking experience?”.

The evolution

The BakerStone Grill Top Pizza Oven Box was a huge success around the world. As backyard entertaining and grilling continued to evolve, the need for a stand-alone gas powered pizza oven grew. Backyard chefs wanted their grilling space for burgers and steaks but still wanted the option to bake artisan style pizzas at the same time

BakerStone engineered a burner system to power our Patented pizza oven and eliminate the need for the consumer to use their own grill. But why stop there? Why not expand the consumer’s functionality by engineering this burner system to be used with a griddle/Plancha?

Just when you think we have it all…we decide to develop a new product that DOES IT ALL. The BakerStone Outdoor Cooking Center. It’s a grill, a pizza oven and a griddle all in one. This product offers unprecedented outdoor cooking flexibility.

What’s next

We understand that developing innovative new products is just part of what we need to do to be successful. We must continue to improve everything we do for our customers. Improving our relationship with our customers through after sales service is critical. We must continue to aim high…aim to be the best in all we do for our valued customers.